401k Plans

We are the premier 401k plan specialist in Arizona where we provide state of the art plan design, management and employee education to assure maximum employee participation and satisfaction. We believe all employees should have the opportunity to secure a financially sound retirement and we design plans solely for the participants so they may achieve their goals. 

The following links are to articles and blogs that we think are important for you to read and think about as a plan fiduciary.

Duty to Follow Plan Terms


Sole Benefit Rule

Duty of Prudence

Duty to Diversify



What is a QDIA and should I invest in it?



Should I invest if my company doesn't match?




Do you need a committee?

Why Invest in a 401k

Are expenses to high in your 401k?

your 401k have great funds?

The Questionnaire

Are Your Employees Stressed Out?

Mid year Checkup

Annual Plan Review

Benchmarking Your 401k Funds

Should we have a Retirement Plan Committee?

Why Benchmarking?

How much should I save?


Motivating Savings

When is Retirement Right?

Can You Retire?

Our top 10

        Creating a Repeatable Process

Evaluating Your Fiduciary Process

Customize Your Plan Design

Are your Employees Stressed Out

Contribution Limits

How is Your Plan Doing

Corrective Distributions


Health Savings Accounts

Financial Stress

Financial Marathon

Employer Match

Dealing with missing participants

Lift Newsletter


Advantages of a Safe Harbor Plan

Harnessing the Power of Compound Interes

Lift Newsletter

The Dreaded 401k Refund

Fiduciary Vault